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Underlying Passion

05 Jan 2013

I believe that passion is the underlying reason why people and products succeed. Have you ever used a product and you clearly know that there was no passion involved in the design, manufacturing or shipping of said product? Yep. That’ll be the the lack of passion. Misalignment of a button, displeasing typography, odd placement of parts, all of these things, at first glance, might be misconstrued as accidental. Nothing is an accident. When a person ships or builds a product, may it be digital or physical, the level of passion will directly affect their ability to check for these inaccuracies. People’s passion will run parallel with the nature in which they conduct their design or development, when they make the conscientious decision to put their name to a product, they send it out to the public in full knowing that it’s going to be critiqued and observed by all and sundry. Passion (or lack thereof) will shine through.

The same principle’s will be prevalent when you look for work. Or in fact, what I’ve found is that the more you deeply care about what you do, then work tends to come your way more frequently. I don’t proclaim to be the most knowledgeable person in my field, but I make up for this in passion and an insatiable desire to be better. When you emit passion, then people build an immediate trust with your knowledge and thinking and will be more inclined to work with you.

So, my advice is simply be passionate; in everything related to your field. Whether you design, develop, make, build, ship, make sure that you’re proud to have your name attached and let that passion be the first thing people experience when they use your product.

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