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Smashing Magazine's The Mobile Book

11 Dec 2012

Smashing Magazine sent me a preview of their upcoming book The Mobile Book, which initially you might think, "Hmmm, that's a seemingly bold title". It is. It's saying, this is the standard, the reference book for Mobile. Well, it is.

I worked for a mobile web publishing company for 18 months and the depth of knowledge provided by the experts in this book (and I mean experts) is extraordinary. It blew me away. It reminded me of the time I was learning jQuery and thought "I should really get to grips with JavaScript as well", it was the tip of the iceberg of what I had learnt and seeing what I had to learn scared the crap out of me. This book provides that much needed solid foundation for designing and building for Mobile, it fully equips you for the journey ahead.

The book is honest, it even says it's an "artefact of it's time", which means it admits that one day, we'll look back and think, gosh can't believe we used to design/build for mobile as a separate entity. But this is ok. The industry is going through a period with RWD that people seem to be following the latest rule/approach/pattern that is popular on Twitter, but this book takes stock of everything and provides a diplomatic, comprehensive guide to understanding "Mobile", delivered by (even though I'm not keen on the exact word) current "thought-leaders" and people who have a real passion for the Mobile endeavours in our community.

Buy it when it comes out. Oh and if they ask, tell 'em Ben Howdle sent you.

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