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Hire Yourself, You Won't Look Back

05 Jul 2012

Remember in Austin Powers where he met his past self, how well did they get on, right?

Well this is not really like that.

What I mean by "hire yourself" is; you know all those times where you've gone, "Can't wait to see if a client asks me to use [X] technology in a project" or, "wow, I get to design this!". Probably won't happen, unless you're really lucky or unless this happens all the time and I've severely misjudged this post.

As a developer, designer or any of those types, I'm guessing you chose to do it. Not many people find a sign in a shop window saying, "WEB DESIGNER WANTED - ENQUIRE WITHIN". It doesn't happen. So I'm also guessing that you have an eternally unsatisfied perception of your own skills and knowledge, insatiably reaching bigger and better goals?

Just hire yourself.

Do it.

Start making your own timeline for learning. Do things and experiment with new libraries and code when you want to. Think of a side project? Do it. Release it. Think of the next million dollar idea? Get on that.

The projects page on your website should be brimming with links and case studies of ideas that you've made happen through your own volition. Don't get much client work? Fill your portfolio with your own stuff. Under strict NDA at your current workplace? Start a GitHub or Dribbble account and start filling it.

Also, nothing looks better than this to a potential employer. Who likes an empty portfolio, right?

And before anyone says, "Ben, you're just a tool and a hypocrite, where's your projects page?", check it out muchachos: Projects.

Adios amigos.

I'm available for hire

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