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There most certainly will be some overlap between the two course types, with a lot of the content being a more in-depth version of its "beginner" counterpart.

Topics covered

Intro to JS & Data types

A quick run through on the Primitive data types (String, Number & Boolean), the Composite data types (Objects & Arrays) and the Special data types (Null & Undefined).

Modules & Patterns

Using modules & patterns to keep our code maintainable and friendly for other developers to use. Refactoring our code from spaghetti messes into small, manageable chunks.


Using breakpoints to step through our JavaScript. Also memory profiling to see where our JavaScript might be slow.

ES5 Array methods

A look at how we can create data structures and then manipulate them with sophisticated methods to create new data structures.


JavaScript's take on Object Oriented Programming. An explanation of the "new" keyword and prototypal inheritance.


AJAX (XMLHttpRequest) is what we'll cover here. Ties in most of the topics above nicely.

Ideal attendee

New to web development?

Picked up some basic HTML & CSS, but looking to progress? No prior JavaScript knowledge is needed whatsoever, we'll start right from the beginning.

Use jQuery?

This is a slight advantage, as you'll be familiar with the what JavaScript is & does. This workshop will be for you if you're looking to look under the hood of jQuery and feel more confident with native JavaScript development.

Generally improve your JavaScript?

There's always topics we all skip or gloss over whilst's natural. This will be for you if you're looking to cement your understanding of JavaScript concepts, right back to basics.



JavaScript has always been the cornerstone of interactive web development, and even more so in 2015.


Learning is great, but building products, writing code & releasing projects is infinitely more rewarding. We'll learn the art of efficient development.


The cost of these workshops is a fraction of the potential earnings that lay before you. Take these skills and go forth!


With the number of attendees usually between 10-15, it gives us a small, intimate feel. Small enough to open up a discussion without feeling like we're holding up the day.


With a small group, you can grab me at anytime and we can go through anything you're not clear on or struggling with. Feel free to ask me anything, maybe something you've not found an answer to online.


This ain't no work day. You've paid to learn, but this doesn't mean it's going to be a lecture environment. I just happen to be stood at the front occasionally.

Your host

Hey, I'm Ben.

I've been specialising in JavaScript based technologies since 2011 and led the JavaScript development of KashFlow's Backbone.js web-app in 2013. In 2014, I spent half my time helping startups architect and improve their front-ends, and the other half releasing my own products and open source projects.


"Ben's Javascript for Beginners workshop was extremely useful. He covered the fundamentals of Javascript in one day and I've come out of it with the knowledge and confidence to write pure Javascript when I code. The workshop was in a small group, so it was easy to chat, and he is very approachable which meant I wasn't afraid to ask questions. The topics were interactive and dynamic and definitely grows your appetite to code and learn more. I'd recommend this workshop for anyone stuck in learning Javascript."

Pui-Ling Lau

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